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Another concert memory … and the perfect way to wrap up 30 Days on Shuffle.

About four years ago, I got a text from my brother: Foxboro Hot Tubs aka Green Day playing Juanitas on Monday. Want on the list?

Umm. What?

Turns out, Billy Joe Armstrong and the gang got tired of being big shots and formed a garage band called Foxboro Hot Tubs. One of Graham’s best friends from junior high and high school is Jason White, the guitarist and unofficial fourth member of Green Day. He had convinced the garage band to make a stop in Little Rock as they took their show on a short road trip.

So, riding my brother’s coat tails once again, I found myself shaking hands with Tre Cool on the patio at Juanitas at 11 p.m. on  school night. We packed into the small venue and enjoyed an incredible high-energy show with Billie Joe, Mike, Tre and Jason.

I’ve never seen Green Day in concert, despite how much I love their music. But I think this show would put the huge stadium show to shame. It was so pure. All of the guys had wide, open smiles. You could tell they loved seeing their fans up close as much as the fans loved seeing them up close. Billie Joe crowd surfed. There were hundreds of high fives. Fans jumped on stage and no security guards dragged them away.

I bought the CD for myself and a t-shirt for Charles Jr. as lasting reminders of the night. The music is driving Rock-n-Roll with a touch of garage band punk. Didn’t know they made a video for this song, but here ’tis. Enjoy.


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